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Church History Series

This series of videos is designed to help you better understand church history.

Mission Impossible - Five impossible things had to happen for it all to be true.

Judas - Do you really understand history's most hated villain?

Christmas - A real look into our most beloved holiday.

W A Criswell - One of the most celebrated preachers of all time. (special narration)

Athanasius - One of our great church fathers. (special narration)

James - Who was this "brother of Jesus" really?

Jesus - Our Lord and Savior.  Oh, by the way, the founder of our faith.

Easter; A Visualization - Without Easter, there is no Christianity.

The Mark of the Beast - It isn't what you think.

The Antichrist - Buckle up for this one!

Samhain (Halloween) - Evil or just fun?  You decide.

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