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Personal Growth Series

This series of videos is designed to help you further and improve your walk with Jesus.

Why Laugh? - This video is a compilation of funny stories to help you through the day.

Trials and Tribulations - We all have them.  How do you handle them?

When This Is All Over - Written by Kelly Schexnayder, this challenge is to all.

Sorceries - Drugs.  Our culture is reeling.  What now?

Fame - Everyone has a price.  What's yours?

Death - It is inevitable.  Do you know what's next?

Money - You cannot serve God and Money.

The End Game - Covid-19 "vaccine".  Really?

Alcohol - The most polarizing subject in Christianity.

Life Lessons From Coach Breeden - Five lessons from a loving coach.

Loneliness - The closer you get to Christ, the lonelier you become.

Prayer - Our direct link to the Creator of everything.

Jesus - Shouldn't we know more about the one we claim to follow?

Anger - How do you deal with it?

Fear - If we trust God, why do we fear?

Why? - These five questions are asked most by everyone.

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